About One Stop Food Shop

One Stop Food Shop is on a mission to simplify the lives of solo chefs

while enabling sustainability. This project serves up fresh, budget-friendly,

and straightforward meal plans designed to not only curb food waste but also

ease the financial burden of grocery shopping.

Our Story

Recognizing that every discarded ingredient contributes to the global issue of food waste,

two students from Trinity College embarked on a journey to empower fellow single chefs

to plan meals that are easy on the wallet and gentle on the planet. The project was initially

supported by Enactus Ireland, an organisation who back social entrepreneurship and

secured seed funding from Citibank on two occasions. Currently, the One Stop team are

in the process of revolutionizing concious meal planning through automation.

Future Plans

We are eagerly on the lookout for a supermarket partner and encourage

anyone eager to support the project to get in touch. Join us in creating a

tastier, more sustainable future!